Residential Title Services

Top Tier Title is the protector a homebuyer might not even know they need. Only a title search from a company that cares, like Top Tier Title, safeguards an eager buyer from the hidden problems of a past property owner.

Whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing, title insurance protects you against problems affecting the title to your home.

Let the caring, experienced team at Top Tier Title handle all the details of the title process so that you can concentrate on the joys of your new home.

Importance of Owner’s Title Insurance

There are many reasons why getting owner’s title insurance is crucial when buying or refinancing a home. Top Tier Title helps give you peace of mind that your property rights are protected.



America is All About Choices

Did you know you have the option to select whatever title agency you want to do this essential work?

It’s important that you ask your real estate agent or mortgage lender what title company they recommend and if it’s not Top Tier Title, make sure you request our services.

Common Examples of Title Problems:

  • Liens against the property that serve as security for the payment of an obligation (e.g. mortgage liens, judgment liens for unpaid court judgments, federal tax liens, state and local liens for failure to pay real estate taxes or assessments, mechanic’s liens to secure payment for property improvements, liens for recovery of child support payments or, as in New York City, for unpaid parking tickets).
  • Easements that have been created by contract or arisen through use or adverse prescription (e.g. rights of way for utilities, rights acquired by neighbors because of a fence encroachment).
  • Building or use restrictions contained in recorded plats, agreements or deeds.
  • Claims arising out of bankruptcy.

Closing is Complicated

Our professional team at Top Tier Title knows that the closing can be one of the more complicated parts of the home-buying journey. Our Top Tier Title Family of experts are ready to guide you through all the steps of the settlement process.

We precisely address developments without causing delays in the closing process so that you can have the peace of mind that your closing will happen on schedule and without issues. Let us be your resource from the closing table to the disbursement of funds. Our team will collect all payoff information, prepare the closing disclosure, schedule the closing, and perform and disburse all funds. We have closers across the state of New Jersey who can close anytime and anywhere you need.

Our Top Tier Title File Tracker manages all your title-related documents, notes, and files in one convenient location. This secure, password-protected portal allows easy access to track the progress of your transaction.

The closing process can get complicated. You need to have the best team on your side, that team is Top Tier Title NJ.