Find Out Why Top Tier Title Is Right For You

I’m an Attorney

A Partnership You Can Depend On

Partnering with Velocity for settlement means that your legal team members will be freed up to focus on other aspects of cases while our professional team of title experts tackles any issues you need addressed.

We are so sure of the accuracy of our title reports that we assume liability for all judgment omissions. Our team members have an unmatched understanding of complex real estate title regulations and will communicate and work through any developments without lengthening the closing process so that you can focus on closing your next deal.

Digital Solutions For Your Convenience

Through the Top Tier Title Tracker, the progress of any case can be monitored from any place at any time—meaning you never have to wonder about your case’s progress.

We promise that Top Tier Title’s talented team will deliver a smooth and speedy closing—every time.

I’m a Realtor

The Best in Title Services

Top Tier Title’s team of experts are among the best closers in the business.

We have the experience, knowledge, and communication systems necessary to navigate the title process to ensure that the property has a clean title before your closing date.

Smooth and Efficient

We also know the home buying process can get complicated and overwhelming for your clients.

As a trusted partner, you want them to understand the benefits of a title insurance policy and closing services. Top Tier Title will work to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible for you and your customers. Homebuyers can choose any title agency that they want to partner with and we hope that you’ll encourage them to work with Top Tier Title.

I’m a Lender

Best Option for Title Services

Real estate is a high-stakes business. In addition to guaranteeing to all parties involved that the property has clean title and is free of past title issues, Top Tier Title can handle the closing and provide settlement and disbursement services for your next deal.

We are the best option for title services New Jersey.

Compliance and Security You Can Trust

Our dedication to security and compliance protects you and your mortgagees from errors and omissions. Each of Top Tier Title’s title processors is rigorously trained on the compliance standards affecting the industry and continually educated on upcoming regulations and compliance matters.

Our proactive solutions allow us to clear complex title issues smoothly and efficiently. No matter which of our specific services you need, Top Tier Title is your best choice.

I’m an Investor

A Partner with Integrity

Top Tier Title team members pride themselves on professional integrity and their collective in-depth knowledge of this ever-evolving industry.

As an investor, we’re the partner you need to avoid the possible pitfalls in your real estate transaction.

Your Title Expert

Our strong background in handling foreclosures, distressed properties and residential and commercial real estate means you are getting the experience and expertise that will guide you through the entire real estate transaction.

Comprehensive Title Services

Our comprehensive services include title searches, title insurance, and any settlement services you need to bring your project to a successful closing date.

I’m a Homeowner

Premier Provider of Title Services Throughout New Jersey

Top Tier Title can help you protect your property rights and give you peace of mind in your next real estate transaction.

Only a title search from a trusted company that cares, like Top Tier Title, can safeguard buyers from the hidden problems of past property owners.

The Decision is Yours… the Choice is Obvious

Whether you’re purchasing a home, or refinancing, Top Tier Title is the premier choice for title insurance and settlement services in New Jersey.

I’m a Builder

Working with Builders and Developers

The Top Tier Title team wants to use its expertise to help builders and developers streamline the title search and closing process for your next project.

Our experts can handle everything from the initial title search and insurance needs to the title issues that arise with construction loans including escrow and disbursement services.

Top Tier Title’s team of unmatched closers is here to ensure your transaction goes smoothly by providing efficient and accurate services for any size transaction.

We Make Difficult Seem Easy

As prime real estate is becoming more difficult to locate, partnering with Top Tier Title can be the best move you can make.

As experts in clearing title, we can turn an unbuildable parcel of land into your next successful real estate development project. Call today and find out just how good we really are.

I’m Just Confused

We're Here to Answer Your Questions

We get it. Land titles and closing issues aren’t the easiest topics to understand. Top Tier Title is here for you. No matter where in New Jersey you live in, give us a call and one of our team members will make sure any title-related questions and concerns are addressed in the most professional manner.

Customers Come First

Our team promises to help walk you through your title insurance options and what you should expect during your transaction or project. Call us today!